After trading several emails - she's got some very exciting ideas about school libraries - I met Lisa Layera Brunkan in the hall (where some of the best stuff happens, no?). Much has happened since the September 2008 cover story, and she'll catch us up during her keynote on Saturday at 8 - 9:30 am.

Before her presentation, Lisa would like us to consider:

Cultivating Indispensability: Perspectives from beyond the library community.

She's also on the hunt "for stories that highlight librarians and programs from all over the country! Help us share best-practices and help build the case that not only do libraries and librarians matter, they are fundamental to flourishing in the 21st century."
  • Can you quantify this year's cuts to library programs in your community - are they up? down? stable?
  • Do you feel that your principal, superintendent, and state leader’s ‘get’ what you do and support you in your work? If so, please share how you’re getting the word out and why you think they’re listening.
  • Are you a peer coach for technology?
Please respond on the Ning.

Photograph by Rick Dahms
(From left): Susan McBurney, Denette Hill,and Lisa Layera Brunkan

 -- Kathy Ishizuka (@kishizuka)